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  Mercer Compressor Station Tank Area.
  French Lick Pump Room.
  Skid Mounted Launcher/Receiver.
  Meter Skid Design.


Bi-Con Engineering is an engineering firm within the Natural Gas, Industrial and Hydrocarbon Fuel Industries providing complete engineering and design solutions.  Bi-Con Services, Inc. added in-house engineering support in response to an increased market demand.  By bringing this additional support in-house, Bi-Con Services is better able to ensure quality engineering is available to support customer needs.  Bi-Con Engineering supports every division within Bi-Con Services (Building, Construction, Electrical and Manufacturing) from full turnkey solutions to small independent projects such as spool drawing generation, skid design, procurement services, and meter and regulation facilities.  We attribute much of our success to the collaboration with the Bi-Con divisions and our close communication with one another to provide consistent customer solutions.